Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leather pouch for treasure collecting; Handmade Holiday

Today I made Kaleena this sweet leather pouch for her to bring along on hikes, to keep all the treasures she gathers.
Inevitably when we go out into nature she finds treasures of all kinds and they usually end up in my pockets, as well as her own. I thought this bag would be a lovely little bring along pouch to keep safe all those lovely finds. It was really easy and quick to make, and now I am excited to make a smaller one for Keenan and perhaps one for the dolls as well.
We have here in town a lovely store, that among many other crafty items and natural fibers, sell leather scraps by weight,  I got a rather large piece for a couple of dollars, gotta love that:)
I cut it into five pieces, the back and lid one piece, two side pieces, one front piece and one bottom piece, as well as two smaller strips, not pictured for the belt loop in the back  
with this lovely tool I punched holes all the way down the bottom, the tool easily punches through the two layers
(before that I did sew on the cross for the belt to slide through)
then sewed it together using a hemp string
then added the front piece to the bottom, and then the two side. Only the corners were a little tricky to make nice. Then I sewed up the sides and
 added two wooden buttons to the front, and cut little slits in the lid to close it.
The only thing I will do but haven't yet is to add a shoulder strap, because for now I doubt she will wear it on a belt...
 After christmas she will have a lovely pouch for gathering all her treasures in, made with all my love
~may your sunday be full of joy~


  1. A very good project, and well executed. Useful and magical at the same time. And what I love best about this is (besides the leather scraps at a good price) your statement about making the pouch with all your love. That is the difference between giving someone something from a store and giving them something that has rested in your hands, born from your mind and knowledge of the receiver. Every stitch a declaration of love and devotion. That is the magic.

  2. Wonderfully made! I used to work at a wilderness program with adolescents and we made leather projects a lot. I wish I could say that mine turned out as lovely as yours :)

  3. Absolutely fantastic - what a great idea, might have to try and find some leather scraps and make something similar for my son - who also fills our pockets and his with all sorts of treasures! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  4. Great idea! My kids would all love this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Inspirational as always, I have three lots of boys to hand-make Christmas presents for, problem now solved. Thank you

  6. It's very pretty. I have a bit of leather to do a small pouch for Sasha. Kaleena will love it. xxx

  7. What a fantastic idea! I know which shop you're talking about because I love touching all the roving they have and smelling the leather scraps. My grandfather worked with leather when I was a kid, and he always smelled like leather. I actually have some of his tools still (including the one you pictured) so I'll have to pick up some pieces the next time I'm out your direction to make this. Thanks, Christina!


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