Monday, November 22, 2010

Gingerbread houses and birthday cake

Look at the beautiful birthday cake the children and my sister made for me today. 
They let me sleep in, had a lovely birthday table ready and a most delicious breakfast....
How very fortunate I am, and how grateful I am for 39 healthy journeys around the sun..
 In the afternoon we went to see the yearly Gingerbread house display that has been happening in these parts for 16 years. People traveled here from twenty states to participate, and the chance to win $3000. Every part of these creations are edible, some the children simply could not believe were actual cakes, so real did they look... I thought I would share some of my favorite... 


  1. Happy Birthday! Your celebration looks lovely! Every single house is amazing!
    have a lovely week

  2. happy birthday, sweet friend!! your cake looks divine. thanks for the sneak peek of the houses. we always go at the first of december (one of our advent calendar activities). hope you are still enjoying a lovely day! xoxoxo

  3. Happy birthday.
    Hope your day continued to be as special as it began.

  4. happy birthday plus 1! i pray this will be a most wonderful year's journey for you. and thank you for sharing the pix of gingerbread houses. those are amazing! the HOURS spent completing them. wow. i was going to say 'crazy' but then thought about the 64 christmas coasters i'm crocheting for staff this year. guess we spend time on our determinations :) have a great day....

  5. happy birthday! beautiful cake - it looks delicious. the gingerbread houses are amazing.

  6. those houses are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! And happy birthday! I have been lurking for a while... I found you through Jeanene's blog (earthboys).

  7. wow! completely wow! I wanted to say how much I loved one, but I think I love them all. Although, a gingerbread VW is pretty great! Gingerbread art at it's best!


  8. Happy Birthday! Wow those gingerbread houses are incredible ~ I want to move into the tree house : ) xo Shanti

  9. They are lovely little houses. I hope you had a special day, your cake looks delicious. Happy Birthday my

  10. Oh, how sad I am to have come so late to saying Happy Birthday! You are a special girl, and I wish I'd been able to send you something of myself to add to the celebration. I love the way you put it, "39 healthy journeys around the sun."

    I can see that I have not had sufficient respect for gingerbread as a building material. I think my very favorite was the interior scene with the miniature gingerbread house inside of it. That little home looks something like mine - and a traditional place of refuge and love for a family is something I never tire of. The rest were equally amazing.

    Now you have another year, another journey - what will it bring? Whatever it offers, you will bring beauty to it.


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