Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The beauty that surrounds us

We are being blessed with amazing weather in these parts, yet again, it is certainly chilly in the morning and evening, enough that we have the fire going in the wood stove, but the day are wonderful. Fresh, clear and warmish. We went to the local bird sanctuary, which is also a preserved wetland right in town, to enjoy the joy of being out, and of course being that most leaves are off the trees you can now see birds so clearly. There is such a constant flitter of birds right now as they scramble to fill up before winter sets in and food becomes scarce. One thing I have been noticing since living here is that the Cardinals always travel in pairs. I find it so beautiful, first I almost always see the bright red male and as I look closer I inevitably always see his mate, the more subtle colored female, always together. I can certainly appreciate the luxury of that,  these days:)!
The children love to come here, as it is beautiful and many places to run and especially to climb, this one tree in particular has been a favorite since we have been coming here. They do love to climb these little monkeys of mine, and how healthy it feels when I see them up there in the bowers. Their skills become greater by each tree they climb, their agility, their comfort inside their body, their skill at keeping safe. We have always taught them to keep three points of contact when climbing, so as I observe I see how attentive they are and yet how relaxed, I feel with certainty how beneficial for their growth all this climbing is.
~sweet nature blessings to you~
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  1. Gorgeous photos, and a great looking day.

  2. is this at beaverdam lake? i have yet to discover this place but have heard wonderful reports. those trees are amazing for the children!!

  3. i love these photos, trees are such magical places for our children! it is beautiful that your littles enjoyed a day in the arms of trees!

  4. what an incredible tree! you got some amazing shots!!!!
    have a great week

  5. That is the COOLEST TREE EVER. I always wanted to climb a tree. There was a scrawny one at the curb in front of one of my friend's house. I remember specifically playing hot air balloon in the thin branches of that tree. But that tree - it's a galleon, a country, a flight -. I ache for a tree like that.


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