Sunday, January 1, 2012

Words to ponder

“It must happen to us all…
We pack up what we’ve learned so far and leave the familiar behind.
 No fun, that shearing separation, 
but somewhere within, 
we must dimly know that saying goodbye to safety
 brings the only security we’ll ever know.” 



  1. Not sure I agree with him. Sometimes, just waking up in the morning and launching yourself into a new day is enough. You have chosen this adventure - and there are so many things you are learning - but for any of us, there are a million places we could be and a million things we could do - even sitting in the old homestead - that will bring us revelations and joys and sufferings and discoveries and harms and glories. Running away from anything is only one choice. Walking calmly away from one thing and toward something else is another choice. Holding still but letting your life soar is yet another.


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