Monday, January 9, 2012

Postcards from Denmark

 It is so wonderful to be home!
My dad is doing well, and has spent a lot of time at home, 
although he returns to the hospital at night.
I am so very grateful for this time.
 It has been many years since I have spent a winter in Denmark and while this winter has been very mild,
as is the case in many places from what I understand, it is much colder than where I come from.
Yet what strikes me every time I visit is the light, summer or winter the light always amazes me.
I find it so dramatic and it makes for wonderful photographs.
 All of these first pictures are taken in a large green area behind where my parents live.
I have so many childhood memories from this lovely area.

 The pictures below are from the same area but taken when I visited this past May.
 A beautiful mama swan on her eggs

And these are pictures from today walking up to town to meet my mom, 
stopping every moment to take another photo...



  1. What a beautiful place you are from! It's gorgeous to see a different perspective of Denmark from what typically will be shown on tourist and travel sites (obviously!) Very lovely to hear that your Dad is doing well, and you are able to be with him. Best wishes!
    PS- beautiful photos!!!

  2. The pictures are gorgeous! Such a lovely place to grow up in. Good to hear your Dad is well too.

  3. such great contrast between winter and May! incredible colors. and your 'eye' for a great pic is spot-on as usual :) thanks for sharing.

    i'm so glad you get to spend this time with your family. enjoy every moment.

    wishing you the best...sharon

  4. Christina - stunning. Your images are always beautiful, but this is a different kind of beautiful. The light - it amazes me. The light is so delicate and so fine I can feel it on my skin when I look at the shots. You have wandered all over the globe - but I'd have stayed there, I think. You have such a perfect eye for beauty. And these shots are so at peace, so rooted into the place. I wish the children could be with you. Please - I would kiss your parents on the cheek if I were there. Will you do it for me? From a perfect stranger - a kiss from the US. And then have them kiss you.

  5. Best of luck to you and your Dad. I do hope all is going well. I just loved this post. Having a little one myself, I melted when I saw the tree house that I assume inspired it all. Please do keep us updated on life in the jungle as well. Again best of luck to your father. You have sold me equally on Denmark as you did Jungle Life.


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