Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random thoughts of the moment

I have been wanting to come here and do a post, yet have really not had much to share, at least in terms of craftiness. All of our things are, even more so than when at my sisters,  in storage, 
that includes all of my craft supplies, so most of what we have been doing is enjoying the beauty of the ocean. Last night the full moon was absolutely stunning, and perhaps because of our beautiful moon the ocean tide has been very low. That has meant shallow clear water, and a wide piece of beach with very wet sand. The children just loved this wet strip, the moment they dug a hole it filled with water, and they have spent hours over the last couple of days digging, damning, tunneling and building in this wet sand.
I have put our formal school lessons on hold for now, yet there is still plenty of learning going on as is the natural state of these precious children. Plenty of learning for me to, each day learning to be more patient, to let go more and be less controlling, as I observe myself I am amazed at how controlling I have been, putting my will on the children. The relaxed feel of beach life has given me a needed rest from my mind and each day I feel more peaceful.
I have even made time to paint again, the other evening, the children in bed I created a beautiful space to let the creativity flow, it was blissful and I am looking forward to make more such times for myself as I realize the importance of these meditations. Just before leaving Asheville I sold my first painting, it has long been a dream of mine to create an income from my passion, I am making a space for this dream to unfold and become a reality.
And all this while we are waiting to rejoin Miguel, he is awaiting his deportation, and as with anything legal it is much of a waiting game, we are hopeful that we will all be together again in Venezuela by the end of February although it could be longer, until then we are here, living, learning and loving....
I leave you with a few pictures of the beautiful ocean from these past few days;

 ~with gratitude~


  1. wwwwwwwow... lovely! I think this may be Florida.....? I live on the Westcoast of FL and it seems quite similar...hmm? wow, Venezuela... HOW EXCITING!!! I cannot wait to follow those adventures! best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!

  2. so gorgeous!! you are dearly missed, love. xoxo

  3. Your life has become a flow, like a fish, waiting with its face into a stream of water. I wonder at the images of the sea - the soft light, but the obvious warmth of the air. And your story pulls at me. How odd it must be to be waiting for so long. And I hope that whatever ends up happening is what you want to happen - what should happen. The children, even shorn of that forest paradise, are beautiful. What memories they will have. And how this will affect their perspectives their whole lives long.

  4. Happy days mama... all will be good soon, blessings and love to you my friend... Oh if the apartment is rented we will be going to Miami to help pack the furniture into storage.. might be soon as there aren't many apt. available in Midtown anymore. Might see you... I hope xxx

  5. you mention painting so i share the blog of a friend of mine. she is a wonderful watercolor artist. while you didn't mention your preference of medium, we all can benefit from the creativity of others. much like you sharing yours with us. blessings and peace as you continue your journey.


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