Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend images; The Land and Tulum Beach

This weekend we had a second gathering at the land. For the occasion a new social area was added close to the cenote, and may I say I just love it.
It is shaded and fresh and complete with hammocks and a great swing.
We made new friends and visited with old friends visiting from Miami and received many humbling and wonderful compliments on the progress ass well as the project in general.
This morning we headed to the beach to see our friends off, it was pouring when we went, but throughout the morning it cleared up and we enjoyed some lovely hours by the ocean.
A blessed weekend indeed!

Keenan loves to visit the animals, and lately he finds eggs almost every time he goes

  helping to make the veggie skewers for the BBQ
  New "beach" area seen from the kitchen (cenote is just behind to the right)
 We are once again enjoying the fresh waters of the cenote, the crocodile have not been seen for about a month now, we assume he went onto more private waters, 
although we still keep a sharp eye every time we go in!
 "beach" area seen from the cenote
The new swing, isn't it lovely! I would like one for inside our house as well:)
These swings are handmade by a Swedish girl in Playa Del Carmen, you can special order and choose the colors of your choice, and the seat is a gorgeous solid wooden piece.
 This morning on the actual beach...
I have been thinking we might add some rock mosaic to our walls, to break up the cement look, and I love the look of these simple spirals..

  Tulum beaches are so lovely and peaceful. There are few people at any given time, no motor boats or jet skis are allowed and they are very relaxed about dogs who are welcome to come along.
A very laid back and beautiful experience!

 We gathered many treasures gifted from the ocean
More inspiration, perhaps on a smaller scale for just two or three hammocks, and then I would send some climbing passion fruit vines over as well..

~with gratitude~


  1. I love your blog. I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I am following your journey. Blessing to you and your family too.

  2. Christina, your part of the world is so beautiful and vibrant! It makes me feel happy every time I visit here - thanks for showing us around!! x x x

  3. I was looking at the little beach, and I started trying to imagine how I would feel, visiting there. There are just places that, if I am lucky enough to be able to spend time in them, speak to my soul - like they say, "This is who you are." Except that it's not really who I am, or I would make my own places just like them. But then - you can't make EVERY place that you fall in love with. Anyway, I know I would feel that way about the place you are making. The paths. The clever simplicity of the play places. The elemental design of the home itself. There is magic in all of this. I am afraid that the making of them will keep you from feeling that magic all the time - nothing like living your life to make it seem not close to as romantic as other people think it must be.

    The public beaches surprised me. They look like expensive spas. Not that I have ever been to an expensive spa. One of the things I love about the latin flavor of design is the color - always color. And the spiral. Oh, I hope you do make them. You are so good with pebbles and mandalas - so very good. It would be an opportunity sadly lost if you do not do this on the walls of this place -

  4. Kristen,
    You are right that many of the little boutique hotel are spa/healing type somewhat expensive hotels, yet our friends stayed in a private gorgeous private cabana overlooking the ocean for $135, which is not THAT expensive (for us personally it is a fortune:)
    Also I do think you are right that in the creation of this piece of land sometime the magic of it get lost, that is why it meant so much to have so many sincere compliments this weekend. And also I know once I live on the land and can enjoy the peace and quiet it will be very different.


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