Friday, February 18, 2011

Tree Climbing and Dangerous Marine-life:)

I feel I must share some images of this magnificent tree and the children in it.
We visit this tree every day, often more than once, as it lives within the dog park just around the corner.
The children love coming, obviously, and Linus the dog gets to socialize with his kind.
Can you see Kaleena up there, she takes after her Papa in the tree climbing department...
 Keenan has been having a hard time getting down once up in the tree, 
he has now found the way
Kaleena found a way to reach the hanging roots, and always takes a few swings 
before leaving the park.
Such joy, connecting with nature in the city
 And by request from our farm friends over on Homemade in Marshall here is the Mr Linus.
Kevin and Kate fostered Linus for the past year, as we stayed with my sister. They cared for him like he was their own, and it was bitter sweet when the day finally came that we could pick him up.
But here he is enjoying the heat, his old running grounds and his "other" family
This is clearly not from the dog park, but for the past week the life guards have been waving the purple flag, which means dangerous marine-life, watch out... In this case, these beautiful 
Portuguese Man of War. Mostly they have been washed up on the beach, but yesterday there was quite a few in the ocean, so no swimming that day
The children instead spent their time digging little pools and moving the stranded creatures in the hope that they would make it till high-tide. 
Aren't they beautiful, what a creature!
We also saw quite a few of these little guys, the slightly friendlier Man of War.
~A very good evening to you~


  1. wow that tree is awesome where on earth are those trees?

    the jellyfish are cool from a distance but not up close.

    great blog i'm a new follower

    I'm visiting from The Magic Onions Friday Nature Table: I'm Butterfly Wishes and Wonderland Dreams

  2. What amazing photos! This tree truly looks magical!

  3. That tree is the BEST one I've ever seen. There would be (at least) daily visits if it were nearby us. You lucky things. A great bunch of photos.

  4. That is the coolest tree ever!!! The pictures and children are gorgeous too. :)

  5. Again, there are your children, the forest sprites, finding the magic places. What a tree!! And may I say that jellyfish are really lovely out in the sun like that, but I am NOT in love with them? I've had a conversation with one of the tentacles of the P Man of War and it was NOT pleasant. I think the bright color is meant as a warning -

  6. Oh the memories... the only trip I ever made to the coast for spring break, there were Portugese Man-o-wars everywhere.

    The tree is amazing.

  7. Absolutely stunning photos! Nice to see you back...
    much love

  8. HI Christina and family, I really enjoyed looking at all the photos. Linus looks so happy. It is such a sunnier life then he was conditioned to this past winter in the mountains. I am glad everyone is healthy and having fun. I would like to climb a tree like that one sometime! Thanks for keeping us in contact.
    Kevin and Kate

  9. I've only just started following your blog, but I've enjoyed it so very much!
    That tree is amazing! I have a particular love for climbing trees even now as a nearly 40 something adult and I have to say I'd not be able to resist that lovely bit of temptation!
    My favorite picture however is the one of your child with the blonde hair that mirrors the structure of the tree itself. Absolutely stunning.

  10. What fantastic pictures, and I am officially very jealous of your gorgeous tree! I am a new follower of your blog. Love it! : )

  11. wow! awesome shots! kaleena is amazing and keenan is following right in her footsteps. i love this. and linus! we have 2 dogs waiting for us too that we left with family. did he remember you? it's been almost 2 years since we have seen ours. we hope they will want us back. : ) those sea life creatures are incredible. i've never seen those man of wars before ever. thanks for sharing all the beauty that surrounds you!

  12. wow. both, the tree and the marine life, are so beautyful and awesome. my daughter would LOVE to live there or at least visit there. I bet she would be up in the tree in no time as well.


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