Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Day

Yesterday was a beautiful winter day here in Miami, it was a day signified by a sense of freedom as I got on the bike and travelled across the beach to meet the tribe for our dear friend's birthday lunch. The air was fresh, even cold in the shade and I had along a sweater just in case. Although there are trees here that show us that we certainly are in midwinter, others remind us that we are in the tropics, where year round we find color and flowers blooming. It was beautiful!
 On my way I passed The Tree, a huge Banyan tree that we have all climbed several times in our years of living here. Miguel used to call it his office and would climb all the way up and stick his head out at the top. The size and presence of this tree is magnificent and I was happy to see it again. 
 I felt such peace and freedom as I rode my bike along the quiet neighborhood streets, feeling ever so grateful to be here now...
 After lunch we met back in Sharyn's garden of love where we shared a birthday cake 
with friends and family. mmmmmmmmmm.....
 Such a special time we are spending here nurtured by the love and togetherness of close friends, letting go of old habits that no longer serve and each moment releasing control and allowing the present moment to flow through us, planting seeds of intention and then trusting, trusting in what shows up, trusting that the universe will organize and bring forth the very best for all involved.
~with love and gratitude~


  1. I know that feeling - of letting go and being willing to let what will happen go as it must. Mostly, I've felt it during medical procedures; I am more likely to struggle and fear in every day life. Worry, shape, fight against, guard against - but there are times when there is nothing you can do but keep your heart right and watch over your children. Your pictures are lovely, but that is no surprise. I hope that your heart is as calm as you sound. I wait for the day when you will be very safe in all ways.

  2. Kristen,
    As life keeps shifting around me, I realize that peace and safety or the lack thereof is simply a sign of the state of my mind. Nothing from outside myself can ever bring me these things, they must come from within me, and in each moment I choose either the path of fear and struggle or the path of peace and trust.
    Every day I choose peace more:)
    With Love,

  3. i needed to read this post christina. i need some of your trust in the world right now to let things unfold as they are meant to. we are preparing to leave our island paradise for a new home that we don't know yet where it will be. i'm having such a hard time letting go and allowing life to unfold. i'm attached. must begin the process you are already in. thank you for sharing always. all the best, anushka

  4. Anushka,
    I am in a very similar situation, I understand the struggle, our minds does not welcome change and wants to hold on to what's familiar. Yet change is the only thing constant in life and the more I surrender to this and trust, the easier life will flow and possibilities will arise.
    wishing you peace,

  5. thanks for letting me see you!! i am continually inspired by your ability to stay in the present and be eternally grateful. i miss you. xoxoxo

  6. wow, what an amazing and beautiful post. much love to you and may peace stay with you~

  7. The beautiful hummingbird trees with the purple flowers, are there any there? Lovely photos you have taken and a sweet post.

  8. Christina - I wish I knew how.


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