Monday, February 13, 2012


With a tender heart I went for a long walk this morning.
Mother nature had put on her winter best, and spectacular hoar frost was everywhere.
The splendid beauty all around filled me with peace, 
a peace I sorely need these days, 
as we seem to be headed into 
challenging times.



  1. Grace, peace, and love to you, friend. xoxo

  2. beautiful. i hope you find more clarity like you did in these pictures during this challenging time.

  3. Beauty, christina. But I cannot miss the thorns. White thorns. Beautiful, sharp to the eye, but yielding to the hand. I pray for your peace, to underly everything else you have to face. I believe in eternity.

  4. What beautiful pictures. I love them all.

  5. Hoarfrost, how exquisite! I guess I've never seen it until now. Especially the thistle? gorgeous! We've had almost no winter at all until this week. And you seem to have caught it all. Is it quiet at this time of the year in Denmark?

  6. So lovely, love and bleesings to you . Henrietta xx

  7. Again Wow.
    To see Such Beauty with so few words.............
    Big deep breath.
    I Love you Dear One.

  8. have been missing your blogs..causes me to think of your potential challenges at this time...i lift you and your family to the Father for His strength and peace.


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